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DIY Church

When I was little, my favorite plush toy was a Smurf. Handy Smurf, to be precise.

If you remember your 1980s pop culture, you know that there were 99 Smurf characters I could have chosen to name him after. It might surprise you, then, that your non-handy pastor named his favorite toy after the Smurf who could build anything and everything.

Perhaps it was an omen. This summer I’ve been bit by the DIY bug. The folks at Home Depot smile when they see my car pull up. My family scratch their heads and marvel at the (admittedly modest) improvements I’ve made to our rental property. I’m an unlikely DIYer, it’s true—but I’ve enjoyed putting what small gifts I have to work, making my home a nicer place to live. Besides, I can’t afford to pay someone for the work. Sometimes there’s no other way than to do it yourself.

That happens a lot here at Grace. We don’t have piles of money to throw at professionals for the work that needs doing. We’re a DIY church—we look to you, our members, and ask you to put your own gifts to work in the best way you can.

If you’re already hard at work
DIYing for God, thank you!

And if you haven’t found your niche yet, please prayerfully consider what God could do with someone as gifted as you. Ministry is able to happen at Grace because God has made each of you handy in your own way.

With gratitude for all the skills God has blessed this church with,

Pastor Bob

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